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Project Description
XNA fixed shooter based on "Galaga". The game is executed completely in 3D however all of the action happens in the X-Z plane.

Note, this game requires installation of the Microsoft XNA Runtime and is currently a Windows application.

This game uses the XNA component model by inheriting from the DrawableGameComponent class for all drawable objects.

You can download the XNA runtime here.

Currently, the game play is almost complete with only a few minor bugs. Here are the features currently functioning:
  • Animated 3D starfield background
  • Sound effects
  • Single player mode with 3 ships per game
  • Multiple levels including challenge stage (with data file from level editor)
  • Enemy ship AI (flying in patterns, flying to formation, attacking, etc.)
  • Ship capture and "double up"
  • Score display
  • High Score
  • Lives left display
  • Instructions
  • Free lives
  • Current level display

Planned features:
  • Game Controller support
  • XBox support (Currently compiles for Windows only)
  • Additional models, levels, and play modes based on other shooters (Super R-Type, Defender, Tempest, Geometry Wars, etc.)
  • On-line high score

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